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Here’s why you should never drive without recording your way

You drive your car safely down a road, the traffic light ahead switches to green so you push the gas pedal further with confidence it's your right to go. A millisecond later a cyclist bursts in front of your vehicle, you try to stop. You hit him.

You try your best to drive safe, you obey the traffic rules, you adjust your speed to the road, you’re alert. But sometimes being a good driver isn’t enough. Car accidents happen every day. It probably won’t be your fault, but when the day comes, will you be able to prove it?

We are Nexar. A thriving startup that has one complex but feasible mission: to eliminate the car accident phenomena. We do so by developing outstanding technology and by establishing the first V2V (vehicle to vehicle) network. When you drive with a Nexar-powered camera in your vehicle your drive is constantly recorded. Nexar’s technology studies the road and alerts you on impending dangers. Every additional car that joins the Nexar V2V network makes it safer and smarter because vehicles communicate proximity warnings to alert of dangers beyond the drivers' field of view. 

How do we help drivers when they are involved in a car accident? In case something bad happens to you on the road, we got you covered - instantly. Nexar automatically identifies your car was involved in an incident - edits the video clip from your Nexar dash cam and send it to your phone. No need to deal with SD cards, sync video to your computer or edit the footage - everything is done for you, in a matter of second.

We’re working hard to build our safe driving network and so we’re giving away our dash cams for a 10-day trial (no credit card is needed). After 10 days you can decide to keep the camera for $69.99 (we endure most of the cost, really!) or to return it to us, for free. Start your 10-day trial here.

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