Why you should never drive without recording the road

You’re driving your car safely down the road when the traffic light ahead of you turns green, so you hit the gas pedal with confidence, knowing that you can keep going. A millisecond later, a cyclist jumps in front of your vehicle. You slam the breaks, but it is inevitable - you hit him.

You try your best to be a safe driver, you obey traffic laws, you stay within the speed limits, you’re always alert. But sometimes, being a good driver just isn’t enough. Accidents happen every day and if the day comes that you're involved in one, it probably won’t be your fault, but will you be able to prove it?

The Nexar-powered dash cam is out now and offered on a special holiday promotion.

That’s where Nexar comes in. We’re an up-and-coming startup that has one complex but feasible mission: to eliminate accidents on roads everywhere. We’ve developed outstanding technology and established the first V2V (vehicle to vehicle) network. When you drive with a Nexar-powered dash cam, your drive is automatically recorded and securely backed up to your free Nexar cloud account. Nexar’s technology studies the road and alerts you about dangers on the route ahead. Every additional car that joins Nexar’s V2V network makes it smarter and safer, as nearby vehicles communicate warnings to alert of upcoming dangers beyond the drivers' field of view.

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, Nexar automatically detects your car was involved in an incident - it edits the recording from your dash cam and sends a clip of the event to your phone - all in real time. No need to go through the camera’s SD card, copy files to your computer or edit the footage - everything is taken care of for you, in a matter of seconds.

We’re working hard on building our safe driving network and so we’re selling the Nexar-powered dash cams at a very reasonable price (we’re carrying most of the cost, really) The dash cams are currently only $49 (instead of $95) and we're throwing in a $10 Amazon gift card with every purchase. You can learn more about this offer here.

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